Monday, July 9, 2012

stylism vs realism

I find myself often having a conflict between stylism and realism. In my drawings I tend to resort back to realistic drawings--not hyper realism--but a tree generally looks much like the real ones do.
The problem I have, is that I want a stylistic approach rather than a realistic approach. I want things to look like what they represent but not like they do in the real word.
Here is a sketch of a few trees that I made copied from my young daughter's style of drawing trees. Why are her trees so much more interesting than my typical trees?
I need to keep pushing myself, in every drawing to portray the essence of the thing being drawn, but not in the way that is the most obvious (realistic) way. I need to find my "own" style.
Thanks, Skylar (4 and a half year old). Pin It Now!

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