Thursday, July 5, 2012

line of action

I made this illustration for one of the upcoming Sheepford and Oxley books the other day. But when I finished I just knew there was something wrong with it. The problem lies somewhere in the poses from the two characters.
The poses are dead.
This is one of the biggest areas (note I said biggest NOT only) that I'm having with my drawings. I need to learn and practice the line of action principles.
The essence of the "line of action" is that the spinal column of a character should never be in a static pose unless that is explicitly what is desired (a rare exception). Most illustrations are trying to capture a sense of movement to them. Therefore the spinal column (or curve) should be in motion and, as previously stated, rarely static and straight.

I redid this illustration trying to take careful note to the motion of each character and the motion/pose from one character to another. Here it is.

I still need a lot of work with this drawing technique. And, although this image could likely be made much better in the hands of more talented artists, I do feel that it's an improvement on the first version.
If any one knows of any books or video course that really help to teach this principle of the "line of action" please do list them in the comments. Thanks! Pin It Now!

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  1. I liked the first shot .... but even I can see the difference, in how the second shot is more awake and in motion!